Mango Freez One Shot (10ml)

Company: Super Shots by Flavour World
Product Name: Mango Freez One Shot
Mod: Various for testing
Watts/Volts: 30-40W
Atomiser: Various for flavour and cloud testing
Coil Resistance: 0.22 – 0.35 ohms
Strength: 3mg Gold Nicotine DIY
Price: R69 (ZAR) for 10ml (makes 100ml), R170 (ZAR) for 30ml (makes 300ml)

Product description on website:

A ripe sweet ice cold malaysian mango juice

Reviewer Notes/First Impressions:

At first impressions, it tasted just like Ola’s Paddle Pop Mango and Orange ice tubes that I normally get from our local supermarkets on an hot day. It smells and tastes exactly like that.

As this is a one-shot that I bought from Flavourworld SA, you need to add VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene Glycol) and nicotine if needed. I added the VG, PG and 3mg of Nicotine to make 100ml through a ejuice calculator and it was mixed at 60VG / 40PG, recommendation says 70/30 but I have no issues with it being at 60/40.
However, vaping it is a different story. Well, not completely different but there is very little ice and I was expecting more of a blast in my face type of ice. It’s impressive enough, it’s quite sweet but for those who love their sweet ripe mangos, this is for you. If you let it go to “dry burn” stage, it doesn’t taste that good. For those with RTA’s, I would suggest you don’t let the tank empty half way as it tends to give off a funny taste (almost like dry burning, think that’s the juice burning off the coils).

I tested it with 3 different tanks and mods. An RDA is not so bad as I was using a Pico Squeeze 2 with the Coral 2 RDA – it’s alright but not ideal really. Then I used my OFRF Gear RTA – this is a tank that does not like high wattage – it was great at first then started tasting funny, and after a few vapes, it came back normal so I don’t think it’s suitable for RTA’s either.

I just tested the new MAAT tank from Voopoo and after 3 tanks, I have to say I am really impressed with the new tank design. Flavour is very consistent all the way through. This is a subohm tank that has interchangeable coils and stays submersed in the tank with the juice so I think this juice is suited to subohm tanks.
It is certainly a perfect ADV (All Day Vape), I can vape several tanks of this DIY juice and not feel queasy afterwards.

Rating: 9/10 for flavour and 8/10 for average clouds

Conclusion: Would I buy it again? Yes definitely!!!

2 thoughts on “Mango Freez One Shot (10ml)

    1. I agree, Elmien. It’s definitely a great juice, easy on the pocket and convenient without the hassle of doing a “full” diy with a bunch of concentrates and all that.


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